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I maek gaem!

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I have an assignment due later today in my data compression and file formats class. For some reason, it's a javascript assignment (I have no idea how that's supposed to relate to data compression...). I've never worked with js before, or really done anything web related. After about an hour of messing around, I finished my shitty memory game. Check it out.

Also, Firebug is awesome.

Edit: I've only tested this in Firefox, so IE and Opera may explode, or something.
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Cool. You weren't able to use JS to make the symbols auto-hide after like 3 seconds once two had been selected? That's typically what they do anyways in my experience.

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I could have, but didn't for two reasons:
1) The current behavior matches specs we were given.
2) Honestly, I couldn't be bothered to [wink].

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