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Codename: Arcology

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New Project

(In-progress show-off/concept painting there)

The facts are these: Laura is the coder (and shall code in Java), so I don't have to. I'm doing graphics. It's like Sim Tower but not an elevator simulator, with more focus on crazy references to skiffy and on... a smaller scale of things, but more involved, hopefully. Like a simulation on the scale of Theme Hospital with a few elements closely interacted with or something, not on that of Sim City with many, many similar elements on a large scale. You know what I mean.

I should add that this whole idea is the result of us brainstorming about making an easy 'casual game'. And as ever the idea ballooned into something that was not easy or casual, but we think it will scale naturally from simple to complex as the project goes on.

So what about Oort? I don't know; we're so bad about starting new projects all the time. I think Oort will be my project alone to do whatever I want with, therefore I can abandon as many "good practices" as possible and just work on it when I feel like coding something. I can roll with that. I'll change the header to reflect new realities.

Pixel Art

I've been doing tons of pixel art lately for a new client. It's great practice and I'm having fun, though I'm learning that my estimation for how long stuff would take is turning out to be way off -- pushin' pixels ain't easy!

Digital Painting

To remind everyone what I'm doing: In the hope of gaining skillpoints, I'm forcing myself to digitally paint (almost) every day and post the results, no matter how bad.

Been doing lots of attempts on fantasy-style portraits because I'm trying to figure out how to best make a portrait fit into 80x80 pixels for a client. Plus it's great practice.

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Maybe a tutorial on digital painting may help you practice some more also :D, you know talking about which tools you use, shading techniques, blah blah..it would really help you practice...and I would sure enjoy it :)

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I just wanted to say that I like your art style, and hope that you will continue Oort. I really liked your ideas for it!

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I've heard warnings that learning by writing tutorials are not the best way to teach, considering. But then I actually do have a lot I think I could share about art and design generally (I have a frickin' degree in it, don't I?), and maybe a little bit in digital painting ... Well, I'll think about it. Writing tutorials has always been something I've wanted to do.


Thanks! Re: Oort, my life has been pretty busy as of late, dealing with trying to do more art, then this whole mess with looking into getting a mortgage and argh, my brain doesn't have a lot of room for coding. Still, it's a game that'll always be in my mind, ever since I basically ran a space pirate game for my friends when I was a kid by drawing the ships and stats and ship plans on whiteboards... Same deal for the Isostrat style game. In fact, I should mention this in a post now that I realize it.

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