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torque curve, transmission, sound

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Well, I added an engine torque curve, transmission and engine sound to the game. Also made a new video. All i need is like 10,000 people to give a dam :D. Details on my new blog page.

Im gonna leave tonight actually for the 12hr of Sebring race that will start tommarow at 10:30 am, Yay for free ticket :D.

Teaser screeny. I am gonna be adding networking in a few weeks.

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Your game is coming along awesomely! I am just curious, what store-front do you use for your game? I am planning to use esellerate, do you think that would be OK?

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for pipe world i have been using bmtmicro, i dunno what i could be using for bench racer since that part of development is at least a year from now. Most indie dev's use bmtmicro to sell their single-player games.

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