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Screenshot Goodness

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Just because screenshots=hits, here's a shot from the upcoming ConFusebox 2. The game now has three different modes. One is classic ConFusebox that you know n love. The second is called "ContinuityBox", and it plays similarly to ConFusebox but without any bulbs. The wires form a big convoluted loop that ultimately re-connect to the origin. Here's a game that's almost beaten.

Note that the bottom right corner's not yet connected to win the game. That's because I wanted to get a shot before the big "you won" dialog showed up.

As you can also see, the game gives you a running total of how efficiently you've been playing. If you rotate a piece more than the minimum necessary, it'll ding you for it.

Scores will be based on some byzantine combination of time, efficiency, and difficulty. ContinuityBox is actually a little easier than "classic ConFusebox", so you won't get the really big scores in this mode.
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I just played ConFusebox. Quite entertaining. I'm a fan of simple but challenging puzzle games like this one. Clearly I'm terrible though - couldn't even get a score of 2,000 and managed to get a score of 0 one time. [grin] Now I'm going to have to try all those other game on Code Zone.

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