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Need a little playtesting

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Okay, Confusebox 2 is almost feature-complete. The following still needs to be done.

- A little UI polish. Just some checks to make sure you're not doing something you shouldn't
- Help
- Changing up the sounds a bit so it's not just the old ConFusebox sounds again
- (maybe) adding a "lock" mode if you want to lock down pieces that you know are correct

I do need a little help from you, though. I put together my overly-complicated scoring scheme that tries to make a score that's balanced across three largely different games with three different skill levels each. It's done on a combination of the difficulty of the puzzle coupled with your time and your efficiency.

And I just need you to try the game out for a couple of runs and tell me if the scoring feels reasonably balanced. Easier games should score lower than harder games, and better play should score higher than worse play.

Biggest problem I see is that I've been playing the old ConFusebox every day for more than a year now, and I can solve the puzzles pretty quickly now. I don't want a noob coming in and getting a score of zero because it took him ten minutes to solve a puzzle I could solve in one, and I based all the benchmarks off my own play and subjective rating of difficulty.

Anyway, give it a try and let me know. If you have any other comments or suggestions, please please please post 'em.


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The scoring system seemed fair enough to me from a few trial play-throughs, but I do play the original game fairly often and may be suffering from a similar bias to the one you're worried you may have yourself.

I don't know how much variation there is in complexity or if it was just the current puzzles, but the difference between "easy" and "medium" seemed a lot more pronounced than the difference between "medium" and "hard" to me - this may or may not be an actual problem.

"Continuity box" is a pretty cool little variation, good work. The "hard" version in this case though doesn't really seem to be harder so much as "more time consuming"; it's pretty trivial to follow a few basic rules (the straight pieces will always run parrallel when next to each other, and will run along the sides when at the edges) and pretty much be forced into the correct solution, although this is really true of the normal mode and the lower difficulties as well.

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Yeah, I'm thinking of changing up the opening screen layout. I'm going to put ContinuityBox on top, the ConFusebox, then ConStructBox, and I'm going to change the buttons from easy-medium-difficult to small-medium-large.

And you're right, ContinuityBox doesn't get appreciably more difficult with a larger layout, just more time-consuming. Not that that's a problem. If sheer challenge was the marker between a good and bad game, then ChessCards would be my most popular daily puzzle instead of the least popular. Some games just work as "executive time killers". For example, Shelly's favorite game is Pop Pies even though that's pretty light in the challenge department.

I'm also lowering the challenge multiplier for larger ContinuityBox boards for the reason you mentioned. You'll still score higher if you can beat the board quickly, but you won't get an appreciably larger score.

Also the challenge multiplier for the largest ConstructBox board was too high, which is why the highest score (by me) is many times higher than the others.

Thanks for the comments. The music's in place. I'll tune it a bit, finish the help, and release an RC1 version today or tomorrow.

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Original post by johnhattan
Yeah, I'm thinking of changing up the opening screen layout. I'm going to put ContinuityBox on top, the ConFusebox, then ConStructBox, and I'm going to change the buttons from easy-medium-difficult to small-medium-large.
Sounds good.

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