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Bit of a grab bag of stuff...

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As I stood at the top floor of the building were I work waiting for the lift a though occured to me; we've had lifts now for about 2,000,000 years and yet people still don't know how to use them properly.

The main problem is people who, upon getting to the lift push BOTH buttons and then complain when the lift turns up and it's going up... well, no shit, you've asked for a lift going up. I didn't think lift call buttons were rocket science.. but apprently :|

The other thing which bugs me is when someone walks up to a lift, sees a bunch of people standing there, sees the lift call button has been pressed and then goes and presses it as well!. Don't these people realise it doesn't get there any faster?

The fact that your average human can't manage a lift nearly makes me weep.


Less of a rant, more of a 'lulz' moment on wednesday when an MSN virus came crashing into the work network. I'm not sure who the original person to get it was but we were in our little side room discussing how a programmer wouldn't click such a link, even if it was clever when our lead walks in, sits down and says 'yeah.. I clicked that link'... heh, so much laughter.

After a few moments an email came around which said 'everyone pull out your network cables' so we did and for about 40mins the whole programming team couldn't do anything as we needed the network to talk to the PS2 dev kits :D

The IT guy came up to sort things out, I happened to walk passed just as he was telling someone he couldn't believe half the coders in the place seemed to have clicked the link, heh

Dawn of War

So, I picked up Dawn of War : Soulstorm the day it came out, the last game of the Dawn of War series, a series I've loved the whole way through.... until now.

As you may or may not know, this final version was produced by Iron Lore who shut up shop shortly before the game hit the shops and at first I was like 'well, that sucsk', then when they went on to blame it all on piracy (including why Titan's Quest didn't sell well.. and I played Titan's Quest, it didn't sell well because it wasn't great) and I was like 'meh' and now I'm like 'omg.. fuck you guys, seriously'.

I don't know what they have done to the game but the AI just seems screwed up. The classic example is when I give a squad a direct order to attack something as I did earlier when I ordered a space marine squad with rockets to attack a Tau dug in unit; the fact they had rockets means they should do it at range.. in theory.

The first time I clicked they started moving out, to get into rocket range I assumed... apprently no; because they stopped and decided to engage another squad in combat. So, I clicked again, this time they just ran the unit I wanted them to engage from range. As they got slaughted by long range Tau fire I was already reaching for the quit button....

This isn't the only time I've seen this happen either; playing as the Sisters of Battle I outfitted two flame tanks for building take down and ordered them to attack an Imperial Guard emplacement... sitting aside the fact that the tanks decided to detour from the nice direct route to crash through my troops (nice path finding guys...) they did the same thing again; stopped to engage another set of units despite direct orders to attack something else.

So, thanks Iron Lore, you've managed to ruin one of my favourite games for me and I'm glad you folded.
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