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Once again I prove myself to be the Shemp of the gamedev board of directors -- not a full stooge and just standing in until a better one can be found. I just now find out (from reading other diaries) that gamedev has a comic section.


Okay, it doesn't look like the rest of the gamedev brass had much of a hand in it (IOW, not much black, gray, and royal blue), but the above comic did give me a chuckle. Whenever I see one of those "I'm putting together a l33t dev-team" posts, I always feel the need to chime in and ask how much the job pays. If the answer is "nothing yet, but you'll get BIG BIG ROYALTIES when it's done", I know it's not to be taken seriously.

Makes me wish I had the net-equivalent of a yellow police sawhorse and a person standing next to it saying "Nothing to see here".

In other news, I've signed on for a second stint in contract development. Apparently I'm perfect for the job because it's a game that's. . .
  • A genre of game I never play
  • Based on a platform that I find completely annoying
  • Using an API that bothers me
  • Written in a programming language that I haven't written a line of code in in two years
  • Based on a movie that I probably won't see
And these people act like I descended from friggin' HEAVEN to this job.

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