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Progress? Not so much on the game. My journal dropped off the last 50 updated list and I've spent a total of about 2 hours on the game since my last post. Part of this was due to a blizzard that kept me trapped indoors with the girl I was dating for days. It was horrible; we had to bond and have fun the entire weekend in the snow. Then she had a birthday. Then I drove with her to St. Louis for an impromptu road trip.

So as you can see, I've been a bit distracted. I do however have this entire weekend to myself on account of her being out of town. So really the only thing compteting for my time with Delta Spire is my guitar (yes, I bought another one so I can learn to play again).

I decided that I would remove some of the legal target checking kind of code that was taking up my time. As a beta, I can allow the players to argue over what is considered a legal move so that I can work on some of the other things right now like scripting and network connectivity. Which brings me to the next obstacle: I don't have a game server. Anybody have recommendations on how I can get access to a server to install servlets for network communication?

I eventually plan to just get a dedicated server and run it off of there, but for now I just need something to do some low-level testing.
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