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Evil Steve


Woo! Sexy new router firmware [smile]

I've been ripping a bunch of our DVDs to AVI for my dad's media center, and I copied them over to the media center last night (About 10GB of data), and I was downloading loads of WMV HD samples as well to test performance, and the router kept screwing up and not accepting any new TCP connections (Even to itself).

So, I got the latest Linksys firmware, which didn't work very well (I could only download at about 100k/sec on a 4MB line), but at least it seems to have stopped crashing.

SHilbert was saying he flashes his Linksys router with DD-WRT, so I decided to give that a go. And it's awesome. The router works great, you get billions more options (And I only have the "micro" version of the firmware, which has the fewest features), and I can look at things like the amount of free RAM in the router, buffer sizes, TCP connections, and other cool stuff.

So, if anyone else has a Linksys WRT54G router and feels like an upgrade, have a look at This.

And, mandatory screenshot time:
Router status screen
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Nice - might take a look at that update... although mine is all working fine so I might not tempt the wrath of the network voodoo :o

Erm... I'd obscure that MAC address as well if I were you!

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Original post by Aph3x
Erm... I'd obscure that MAC address as well if I were you!
I did think about that, but I fail to see what anyone's going to do with it. There's easier ways to get peoples MAC addresses - just connecting to my web site will give out my MAC in the TCP packet [smile]

EDIT: Never mind, I'm talking bollocks.

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I don't understand any of that. MORE POSTS ON POO (please).

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you know I've been reading about the DD-WRT upgrade for over a year now and it's def something I'd like to try out as a weekend project when I get a chance. I just replaced my WRT54G with a new one so I even have an old one to experiment on. Glad it worked well for you

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Yeah I have the GL with a flashed DD-WRT and have been really impressed (2 years now) though it needs some updating. Seems to be better than most of the other custom firmware I've seen for the router.

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