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ConFusebox 2 RC1

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Okay, I think I'm almost there. Here's the latest (hopefully ready for prime-time) ConFusebox 2.


Here are the changes from last time. . .

- Moved ContinuityBox to the top because it's the easiest

- Changed easy-medium-hard to small-medium-large

- Made the little 'frames' around the buttons darker so it's clearer that they're just window-dressing

- Added it to my build-chain, which is why you see a real code zone logo in the corner now

- Changed the wires in ConstructBox to blue. I figured since I made orange wires for ContinuityBox, I ought to do the same. Gives it a little more personality and makes it more obvious what game you're playing.

- Tuned up the scoring a bit. ContinuityBox now gets an only slightly higher multiplier for the larger levels. I also reduced the multiplier for the hardest ConstructBox level so the scores wouldn't be so obviously higher. I'll probably clear the high score table because I doubt we'll be seeing any >15,000 scores again.

- Added help. The help is dependent on the screen you're in. If you're in the main menu, you get main menu help, etc.

- Added some sound effects. I eliminated the banjo flourish in favor of three more electronic sounding versions.

- Added some background music, one for the main menu and one for the gameplay screens. The music is intentionally very quiet and ambient. This game is intended to be something that you can play while doing something else, so I didn't wanna make the music distracting.

So check it out and give me some feedback.

Also I've gotten exactly TWO entries in the logo content thus far. Somebody's gonna make an easy hundred bucks.

As another incentive, The Code Zone site gets over 2,000 hits a day and the actual games get over 20,000 hits a day. If I end up using your logo, it'll get a bit of exposure.
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It all seems fine to me, but do we get a pause button like the other games?

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