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Slow going, but making some progress

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Well unfortunately I don't have much more to show this week. My main PC took a nose dive and I had to transfer and reinstall things onto my other laptop. Everything went smoothly until it came time to install the VS2005 SP 1. My laptop would shut down everytime the installer hit a certain point. Not crash, reset, or BSOD... just turn off completely. After reading a little bit on the web, I found the problem might be overheating. I downloaded a utility to monitor the CPU temp and watched it as the installer progressed. Sure enough, just about the time the core temp. spiked to over 230 deg F the laptop shutdown. I decided to try the easiest thing first so I took it out to my garage (its still pretty cold here in Cincinnati) and set it on my metal table saw stand. After letting it cool to ambient temp. I tried it again. Viola! The core temp. never exceeded 185 and the fan stayed in low gear the whole time.

Anyay, what I did get done was to write some test code to generate geometry for the game world. This is very early prototyping so keep that in mind - not to mention that I have hardly gotten my feet wet with Ogre.

I had some trouble at first with getting the material on the model, but I realized I forget a call to initialize the resource groups for Ogre.

Well, thats it for this week.
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