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Dynamic Debris/Trash

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Yes I've added dynamic debris/trash to the city...as part of my 5 classes of objects in the game.

- 1) Items which can be picked up and used by the player (guns, drugs, etc.).
- 2) Dynamic debris...which is newspapers, bags, paper, cups, small debris that is spawned around the player and has a wind impulse applied to it to simulate a dirty city. These are not synced in multiplayer, and are just a visual thing and don't effect vehicles, characters or other objects.
- 3) Streetside objects...things like fire hydrants, newspaper dispensers, trashcans...
- 4) Plastic cones ( yes they are their own type of object )
- 5) Alley props...things like cartons, crates, dumpsters, garbage bags, etc.
- 6) Bullet brass/shells (fades away after 20 seconds)

Actually 6 now, I added a new class of object for the bullet brass/shells that eject from the gun.

Exciting I KNOW.


The debris/trash density is a client side variable, and can be tweaked via console...if you like it dirty ;-)

The only classes that will NOT have interactive physics of any kind is the dynamic debris.

The only classes that will NOT be synced over the network are the dynamic debris, and the bullet brass/shells. Everything else is synced by the server and will look the same on all clients.

Some more videos soon, I guess thats what you guys want (besides the BETA lol)...again, screenshots taken @ 50% environment texture resolution and 25% object/vehicle texture resolution (downsized from 1920x1080 source image)....

- Danny

Hmmm tell me if you think the sky is too bright...the images look different on every monitor. Some say it was too dull, so I tried to make it brighter. Compare with the screens in the last post to see before/after of the sky/HDR lighting.

[edit] More screenshots...w/4X the trash density as in the above screens

Prop/object testing

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nothing major, but the 4x trash density looks a bit too uniform. For instance you'd expect to see more trash piled up in that parking lot than you would on the streets, since cars whizzing by would eventually blow most of it off. Probably not worth modeling that behavior, but figured I'd at least note it.

And I don't notice any serious differences in the skies on my display

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Hmmmm...Ok...I could pre-generate a 32x32 or 64x64 grid of values per-tile-type [I have about 168 different tiles in-game...probably 10-12 that need debris/garbage on them] to represent the garbage distribution on the tile.

I could spawn the dynamic debris/trash around the high value areas (with small random offsets, smaller than grid-step-size in world space).

I could use distance to a human navigation node to generate a "high traffic/usage" value....or just statically set the values for certain tiles [intersections, roads, etc.] by importing a 64x64 .bmp that would stretch over the tile's AABB looking down on the Y-axis and use that to fill the grids.

It would look great if the debris/trash was just in the gutter area of the streets. The above would allow me to control trash density, per-tile, via bitmaps...I'll look into that. Any other ideas on how to control trash/debris distribution would be appreciated.

Also I think I need to un-glow the objects/cars a bit...

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The debris looks OK, but you should try to stack it up a bit. Right now it looks a bit fake. The sky looks cool, though!

Will this game be realeased in europe?

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Heh, all the objects were dynamically spawned...using F10 key, just testing the engines ability to display 1000s of objects @ playable framerate.

Game will be released in Europe and N.America at the same time, mid-year.

I'm working on concentrating the newspaper, etc...in the gutter area of the roads...right now it looks like someone dumped a bunch of flyers all over the city.

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