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The not so distant future and an unrelequished pas

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Hello out there in journal land. It's been almost four months since I last wrote an entry here. The main reason being that I didn't want to make another post without having the Barricade Proto-type complete. I worked hard on it whilst I was out of work for the first month of the year and covered a lot of ground. It was at that point that I began refactoring a lot of the game code and structuring the engine to work within a more general state structure that I'm still working on to this day. Mostly due to lack of time, not lack of vision, or passion.

When I landed a new job things started to slow down again, but progress is still being made. Also, I regularly update my blog, but I specifically have neglected my gamedev.net journal because I didn't want to be full of shit by setting unexperienced and immature goals for myself, that I wasn't living up to in the eyes of the gamedev.net culture. Well, now I'm saying fuck it. Take me as I am or don't take me at all. Although I realize this is more of a self appointed conceptualization of the culture, I still felt the need to explain my absence in posting updates.

Ok, now that the unpleasantries are out of the way an update of current events is in order.

Here in Iowa we are still working on developing a local game development culture. It's not hudge by any means, but we are still working on it. There are some pretty cool projects that are being shown at our local game development meeting and it's great that we still have that going on. We have our six month meeting coming up next month, and I'll try and score a camera to take some pics of the projects and what not.

My game engine is still coming a long. As stated I worked on the game Barricade quite a bit at the beginning of the year, I've also added support for XInput into the engine, started writing a side by side DirectInput wrapper for legacy devices, and will hopefully be finishing up some new statemanagement for the engine as well as finishing up the remaining two file formats for the engine. At that point in time I plan on finishing the Barricade Demo. It'll happen, it's more a matter of when, but it'll get done.

In the meantime, here's a video of the game in prototype in debug mode, it currently is just starting to get to where it's a game. All blocks are generated at runtime, the scope of the design for the game is a lot larger then this video and the finished proto-type will show, but I figured it'll just be good to show something off.

All Splash screens and menus are temporary and thrown together by yours truly from concept art for the game, also the video is in debug mode, so there are some lines on the screen for feedback. Also the block management for the game isn't quite complete as well as a lack of block to bullet collision. In the video it is setup to simply destroy one block when a button is pressed for testing pureposes. There still is a lot to do. Also because it's a debug build the state changes take a little bit of time.

Anyways here's a link to the, New Video

It's a flash video and will play in your browser.

I'll begin posting regularly again, even if just providing a shadow for my blog here, I should at least use the space, or rent it out, Humm.. there's an idea.

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