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I have a bit of a mini dilemma.

At University I trained to be an Information Manager, combining the glories of managing people and IT in a fairly strategic manner. I did well at my degree as I was able to combine my business-sense with my self taught programming skills to become involved in Information Systems and Applications projects at several levels.

However, the year since finishing University I've been working what could be considered 'crappy' jobs in IT. My first real job was an entry level position in an IT company on the Helpdesk. I took it in the belief that it was a foot in the door and would be moved on in a few months.


After getting there, I realised that I'd be stuck there forever unless I moved, plus the 24 hour rotation cycle killed me. So I bailed, and felt like an asshole for doing so.

My current job is working as a data jockey in the Consumer Credit field. Again, it could be considered as an entry level position. I'm doing stuff you didn't really need excessive training or qualification for. To be frank, I'd be totally bored if it wasn't for my intuition and copy of VB.NET / C++. In the 4 months I've been in my new job I've started reorganising processes from the bottom up, implementing tools to reduce a lot of the errors we're getting and just in generall being pretty useful to the company.

However, my friend has recommended me for a new role in a different company and has urged me to apply as he thinks i have a good chance. It's entry level in a management training scheme and is pretty much exactly the stuff I was educated in at Uni. It combines management with IT and the wage is several grades higher than what I'm in now. Normally, I'd jump at the chance except I feel like a total asshole for considering it, mainly because I'm 'happy' where I am - not with the job itself but the stuff I could achieve in it. Chances are they'll move me on in a few months, but to what, and would it be a good decision?

Every bone in my body is urging me to apply to the new place, even though I am potentially letting the ball fall to the floor in this current job. I have to think of myself and what I want. I've never had aspirations, but this looks like something I want to be a part of. I've already started the application process, yet can't help feeling like an asshole for ditching them again.

Managers need to make important decisions, it's now time to make mine.

Has anyone else been in a similar position? If so, what did you do?
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I think in your situation there is no real right or wrong. There are pros and cons for the two jobs. While one job gives you the satisfaction to achieve things that improve the working quality for the whole company, the other job would allow you to work in the field you wanted to work in in first place plus you are paid more. There are other pros and cons.

I've been in a quite similar situation some month ago when I had to decide wether yes or no continue working at a company nearby my home. While the job and the payment sucked a lot, I had the advantage to be able to drive my kids to school and to fetch them on friday afternoons. The job I now have is paid a lot more and a lot more interesting. As you, a friend of mine has introduced me to that job and I don't regret it. Additionally to the more interesting work and payment, I'm working with a friend of mine who I know since 17 years.

So my advice : Write down the pros and cons, talk with your friend about it, tell him how you feel and see how (if) he convices you to try working for the new company.

Best wishes, you'll do the right thing to do,

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