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Captaiz Z

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I am Sinistar! I hunger, coward!

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I decided to splash out and get myself a brand new PC [cool]

My digital camera has decided it no longer likes switching on, so I'll have to make do with stock photos [sad]


It is a Shuttle SP35P2 Pro with an Intel Q6600, 4GB RAM, 8800GT 512MB running Vista Ultimate 64-Bit [grin]

I'm aware this isn't quite cutting edge, but for the size of the machine and the amount of noise it produces, I don't think I could have done much better as it is incredibly quiet, even under strain. I also completely blew any sense of budget I had buying this, so will probably have to survive on bread and water for a couple of months, but it is worth it [wink]

The build process was reasonably painless. Only issue was caused by the RAM, but changing the voltage up to 2.1 seems to have fixed that. Before I had changed the voltage however, it was causing Vista to crash a lot during install, and especially around the account creation part. I'd create an account, it would crash, then upon restart it would ask me to create an account again even though the last one was there. This resulted in me creating 7 user accounts, each one with progressively unfriendly usernames [smile]

To give an idea of how noticeable the difference in speed is compared to my last machine, I was running an AMD Sempron 2800+ with 1GB RAM, which was just about capable of playing HL2. So I have a huge backlog of PC games I need to play now and first stop is Crysis [grin]

...and maybe a few stops later I'll install Visual Studio or something and have a play around with D3D10 ...I'm in no rush though [wink]

All the best,
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Original post by ViLiO
This resulted in me creating 7 user accounts, each one with progressively unfriendly usernames [smile]

lol you almost ruined my keyboard with that line :)

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