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First post, always fun :)

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Well ... welcome to the first post for my game! I am strictly keeping my development adventures on this blog, and all other game related on it's site. Most of my ramblings are technical, after all, I am a government programmer by day, and a game programmer by night. If this isn't your cup of tea ... then prepare to be bored!

The development process will follow standard practices and terms. Alpha means features being added and bug testing. Beta means bug and stress testing, while final is just that, the final version until the next round.

This game is set in a universe I created in 1994. It follows the rise and fall of technology in our current time, and the reintroduction of other forces at work. Therefore, this game is officially a "Massive" Online RPG/Strategy Game. It makes heavy use of both Magic and Technology.

This game is 2D. The only reason for this is due to the poor 3D technologies available at the time of this post. If real-time realisitc 3D engines become available to the general public, I will convert the game over to that format :)

The database backend is SQL Server 2005. This is, hands down, the most DBA & developer friendly database available. The windows game clients are 32bit until 64bit windows come out in a few years. There may be an OSX client available after launch, but never a linux client.

No main stream languages are used as such langauges are overly complexed, or are scripting languages (think JIT), therefore not safe for client side game development. The languages used may be revealed in the future :)

The releases follow the "Release Often, Release Small" rule. This will keep the game constantly updated and "fresh".

The next post should detail the first alpha release. Following the above rule, don't expect too much out of it :)

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