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Laugh at my source codes!

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I've setup a CodePlex page for GameKnight(yes we're back to GameKnight, no more GreatNES). The binaries and source are in separate zips since CodePlex doesn't have an option to label a file as both. I was also planning on going with the zlib/libpng license, but CodePlex limits the licenses you can select and I went with the MIT license instead, oh well.

Go give it a whirl so I know if works or doesn't work on your system(system specs would be nice). You should get around 60 FPS, anything else and it means either your computer sucks or my timing code sucks, probably both. Actually I've been having problems with GameBoy Color games that run in double speed mode, seems my 2Ghz machine can't handle an 8Mhz Z80. If you'll looking for some ROMs, Mr. Zophar has a couple you can use.

Still haven't gotten around to adding anything thanks to heaps of school work. School ends in three weeks and I plan to take a one week break(I'll need it) before starting my summer job, so hopefully I can add sound and save states then.

I'm blaming Ravuya and so should you.
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Original post by Ravuya
I blame myself for everything, really.

I'm sure if you walked around wearing a top hat and carrying a bucket of KFC, all your problems would just melt away...or you'd get beat up.

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Another place to find ROMs would be pouet.net's Game Boy and Game Boy Color archives, though being demos they might not even work on real hardware.

It works here very nicely on the few ROMs I tried (a rock-solid constant 61FPS), though it does use 100% of the core it's running on. (Work machine, so Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz, 2GB RAM, some Intel integrated video, 32-bit Vista Business). I found the best way to reduce CPU usage on my PC without dropping in a Thread.Sleep() was just to lock to the user's refresh rate in D3D.

I look forwards to giving it a more thorough testing at home tonight!

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Thanks for testing it Ben, I'll give that refresh rate thing a shot.

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