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Domains and Games

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December 1999; The web was still a wild place, domain names were expensive and hosting cost alot for very little. However, the cost of .co.uk domain had come down a bit and flushed with cash and not long from my next student loan payment I brought phantom-web.co.uk and so began my presense on the web.

8 Years later the web is a different place and looking at the domain name now I'm not as happy with it; it doesn't really describe what is going on and generally doesn't feel right. Granted, I'll hang on to it forever as it was the first one, but I think it is time for something new.

The question is; what?
I currently own at least two other domain names (I say 'at least' because the registar has managed to misplace records and so I can't remember if I've anything else or if I let them lapse);
- imadiversion.co.uk
- robertjones.co.uk

The former is a possibility, right now it is just a front page and file dump area but I'm not so sure it is right.

The later doesn't feel right either, which is a problem... although I might setup a site on that domain (once I can change the dns again) for none programming things.

So, the question is; what to register?

I considered 'nobodysreading.co.uk' but as ironic as that probably is it comes across as a bit emo. Oh, and I dont' want a hyphen in the name this time either, something annoying about that to write.

Website content is likely to be;
- programming projects past, present and future
- programming entries
- general commentry on technical things (and maybe life in general, not mine but just 'stuff going on')
- reviews of things
- musical stuffs assuming I ever get anything I want to release
- games stuff assuming the above

Right now nothing springs to mind however [sad]

On the subject of games, after seeing Mittens waffle about it I've decided to take a look at Torque X for game making. I had a little play with the 'hello world' tutorial and I'm impressed from the outset with the 2D stuff and how easy it is to get things going. I might work my way though the rest of the tutorials tomorrow and then convert my little 2D space shooter thing over to XNA for the hell of it. Looks like picking up a little C# last year was worth it in the end [grin]

Maybe at some point I'll even try the 3D bits as well.
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Your website link needs a "p" adding to "htt" in the address Phantom :-)

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Original post by ukdm
Your website link needs a "p" adding to "htt" in the address Phantom :-)

I have no idea what you are on about...

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