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As a God unto Mortals

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Stephen R


I didn't go to school today, still wasn't feeling great. Anyway I took the chance to get some work done on my site and the demo.

I have the text effect for the first scene almost fully done. The main thing I have to do is get the scripting system to parse the command string correctly. Once thats done then I can file that effect away as done.

I had a hankering to add forums to my site today. I thought it was going to be a gargantuan task but how was I wrong. I remembered someone talking about phpBB before so I downloaded it to check it out. The install instructions consisted of "uploaded everything in this folder to your server" and "use". Apart from a single setup form which I had to fill in it was so amazingly striaght forward.

The default theme, subSilver didn't quite fit with my site so I spent most of today writing a second theme, derived from subSilver, which would work with my site. I managed to get it fitting into the basic layout of my site, and ripped out most of the bright colors and replaced them with black. I don't think I broke anything doing it. There is about one days work left in it to get it fully coordinated with my site, buts its operational now.

It is really nice to be the admin of a board, even if you are your imaginary friend "testuser" are the only members. As per the title, you feel as a god unto mortals. I can't wait till I get my first jackass on the board so I can take the high road ban their asses. Its like being high except their is no coming down.
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