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Evil Steve


Woo, half day today, and a day off tomorrow. I'm going to see IAMX tonight. Hmm, I only just realised how... gay that site looks. Never mind, the music is good. Sounds a bit like Muse.

TA dieded today, so I got to test my MUD with 4 or 5 people, which worked pretty well. It didn't die horribly at least, although there were a few bugs / features:

  1. Some people missed the "Enter 'newuser' to create an account" bit, and then bitched when they couldn't log in

  2. Some cretin named dwarfsoft managed to sign up with the username "_" (no quotes)

  3. There were complaints when I mentioned the passwords were stored in plaintext

  4. There was a bug in the registration script which spewed an error if you entered an invalid username. And people thought that was a crash, and didn't try a different username

  5. People complained that the password has to be 6 characters long

  6. 15 characters isn't enough for the username "MattIsSuperAwesome"

  7. There was a bug in the online user list command, which showed idle times in seconds instead of minutes

So I've fixed all of the above points. I need to add more commands, but I first need to implement a TrimText function (Since it's a little complicated; the string "<-cff9900>lol" is 3 letters long, not 13 and needs the tags taken into consideration).

Although me currently getting drunk and lurking on Active Topics isn't really helping progress. Ahem...
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