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IBL: Incredibly Bad Luck (tm)

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Unfortunately, I have a bad news to announce.

Sometimes, things that you thought would never happen, do happen. Today, I learned it the hard way.

I'm a pretty paranoid developer. I always keep 4 copies of my work, as backups, in case something happens. In the worst case, only a few days or weeks of work can be lost. Unless.. fate decides otherwise.

When I waked up this morning, I had a bad surprise. My home computer's external USB drive, which I had for 3 years now, had died. I was storing all the Infinity source code and data files on it. Fortunately, I had a backup. Every few days I transfer that backup to my work computer, which is in a different physical location ( in case my appartment burns, or a horde of werewolfs invade it, or something.. ). My workplace is in Brussels too, but unless a nuclear bomb explodes on Brussels, that should be safe, isn't it ? So since I had many backups, I wasn't too worried. Except...

When I arrived at work this morning, I found that everybody was already here, and in a great panic. Apparently, during the night some thiefs broke in our offices, and since they weren't too tech-savy, they didn't steal the most expensive hardware, but they went directly for our work computers. The bastards! But the most funny thing is, during the night, the office concierge saw some suspicious movements and called the cops. They arrived soon after, and chased the thiefs in the woods. Those last ones probably couldn't escape with all the stolen material, so they threw it away over a fence, to run faster. I don't know if they were finally captured or not, but what I do know is that my computer, on which there was the backup, is badly broken. But fear not! I still have backups. So I still wasn't too worried ( although a bit confident than the first time. It really smelled fishy ). Except...

I also have a backup on my pocket USB drive. It's only 1 GB, so I don't backup as often as on my other computers. A few weeks of lost work, too bad, but not catastrophic either. So I looked in my appartment for the USB key, I was pretty sure I had it in hand a few days ago, but couldn't find it.. until I realized it stayed in my trousers. And I had just washed it yesterday. Guess what ? It didn't survive either.

By now, I was really in panic. But I still had one more chance. One last backup, a .zip archive of the whole project. The one I upload every once in a while on my US server.. in case of a problem ( asteroid fall ? ) in Brussels. So I was saved. The chance that the US server had died during the night was just.. zero.

And I found my file back ! Ouf. Saved. So I quickly copied it to one of my hard drives ( one that didn't burn ), and started to decompress it. A dialog popped in. Please enter the password. Ah, true, it was password protected, of course. But what was the damn password ? No way to remember it, I always choose passwords that are a random mix of weird symbols. But I had noted this password somewhere.. in a file. Where was that file again ?

Then I started to cry when I realized. You see it coming. The file was on my USB drive.

...Tomorrow will be another day, I'm sure it was a nightmare, and I'll wake up..
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Shit man, I am really sorry to hear this - it has to be one of the longest strings of bad luck I have ever heard of. I am also shuddering to think of my single copy backup right now...

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Yea...um...hope it's april fools...

I always back up my source and keep it in high end durable external USB, placed inside a 900lb biometric fire/bullet/water proof safe, and guard it 24/7 with high caliber weapons, and a splinter-cell-esq grid of cameras and randomly placed lasers.

I highly recommend it.

It's still March 31 here.

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Dear gods... I even re-checked the calendar, just in case it was April's Fool already... this is a complete disaster!
There's hope, though. Zip passwords are somewhat easier to crack than say, rar, for example, specially if you can somehow get your hands on one unencrypted file (known-text approach...)
Best of luck!

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It is still the 31st (even in Belgium) [evil]
Google at time of writing
11:25pm Monday (CEST) - Time in Brussels, Belgium

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Setup for an elaborate april fools?

Wouldn't have the opportunity to post on april fools, so he posted a day early?

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I swallowed it, like a baby swallows a gummybear. In my defense I have to say that in my country we dont celebrate April's Fool Day.

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Dear GOD MAN! I almost had a heart attack after reading your story. You can't bring that drives that are broken to a professional data recovery company and see if they can recover it all? I've seen some pretty amazing recoveries in the past, so they might be able to do the same with yours.

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Well, I almost believed it, even if the part with chasing thieves into the woods sounded fishy. Nice one.

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True or not...

I would gladly help to rewrite every last line of lost code...

Following the journey of this project over the years has been very interesting. Continuing from its current progression, or completely from scratch, the quest for knowledge and innovation can't be stopped. This project has a great wealth of knowledge and inspiration behind it.

Looking forward to its very bright future.

Good Luck.

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