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Physics Test Course & More Civilians

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Yea so here is today's progress on the crowds & physics... etc.

I've created a new physics test map...this also allows me to re-integrate the city selection functionality into the game. I've also gotta get mini-map generation working again under the "new" framework that was started August of last year....I can re-use a lot of it thank goodness, like 70-80%.

This is the part I hate about game-development....making sweet jumps in various vehicles while 1000s of civilians chase you around lol...

And yes, I've made all 3 jumps on the test course so far...I need to make more complicated ones :lol: ...I'll jump the whole city...lol, or a lake or something.



Btw. The city editor is shipping with the game so you can make any kind of city/etc, you want to, and upload/share it via the global lobby. I'm making it as easy as possible for players to share their cities with other people.
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is that female model final? Cause those arms look a bit... well bow-legged would be the best term to apply here I suppose, even though they're arms :P

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Ahh, i was going to comment the same thing, something is wrong with that female model..

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She just lifts weights a lot :-(

Yea I'm working on fixing this, the feamle specific walk animations look reeeeaaally fubar, so this is just temp.

But yea, I know that lol :-D

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