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I waked up..

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Yesterday's news was obviously an April Fool's.. But like last year, a lot of people thought it was true. I must say, posting it in the 31th didn't help, but in the GMT timezone it was near midnight and I didn't want to wait another 12h to post it, which would have been in the middle of the 1st April day for me.

The werewolves comment was a funny reference to this thread, but you had to follow it to understand it.

Rest assured that I have more backup copies than just 4.

Most of the events that I described had a part of truth ( yes, including the cops chasing the thiefs in the woods at 3 am. This really happened ). The timing was not though. The probability that all of that happened the same day, on April 1, is ridiculously low. I'd rather win at lottery.
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I also hope you use source control instead of just zipping up the source and borking it onto a USB stick.

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