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Isostrat 6, Digital Palette, Fine Art, Free Art

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Isostrat 6

So squexes rock my world, doing a brick style layout of 'em. There are always an odd number of rows and odd rows always have +1 tile so that the corners always have 3 neighbors instead of potentially having 2 (noting, of course, that row 0 is even). Easy!

Onto getting the GUI started. This is my set of border graphics:

Which should look like this:

But looks like this:

Because Pyglet doesn't seem to have a function (YET) for drawing without stretching the texture, or something. Investigating the Pyglet source has been education and shall likely lead to me writing my own tiled blit function. Oh, OpenGL weirdness, how I haven't missed thee!

Pyglet is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough, especially in consideration of new features being added, as can be seen in the Pyglet 1.1 alpha including a sprite class, animation handling, and um, other clever things. Brilliant stuff though, and far too easy to use.

Coding again is a great joy. It makes my mind work in pleasurable ways. At present I'm treading old ground in Isostrat development building the map, gui, gamestate, imagecache systems, and it's both easy in that I know what I'm doing with far greater perspective than the last time I did it, and in that Pyglet's OpenGL is lovely because I don't have to worry about limiting the pixels I'm pushing at the screen like I did in Pygame's SDL. Stuff works the first time rather than having to be struggled through line by line. Damn I'm good.

(Oh, but the OpenGL specific nonsense will be a struggle, I know, because it already is; and wait 'til I get to coding new things that I haven't done before like, say, savegame serialization/de-serialization and AI.)

Digital Painting

I liked how these turned out (sketches though they are, basically), so here they are with links to full size:

I think this was inspired by the Mongols invading my city like 5 times in MTW2. The belt-buckle armor straps are far too anachronistic and the sword is the wrong angle compared to the hand holding it and as well it was obviously drawn to fit into the canvas space, which is stupid. Lesson: Don't be precious about erasing parts of a painting that you love but don't work in the painting (eg. the sword), and don't draw according to the edges of the canvas unless you really intend to; This is digital painting, there is no canvas!

And this one is a bit more nautical, perhaps.

Just for fun, I want to show the palette I've been using:

I think it's important to break out of using the default color palette because, frankly, the default sucks. It doesn't reflect the distribution of colors that you will use in your actual work -- I use far more shades of green, earth tones, and metal tones than the default palette provides, and if I used only the default I'd be making poorer color choices.

So for any aspiring digital artists out there I recommend building a palette for yourself, either in an image in which you can just hold down "alt" and sample from (in Photoshop), or in the actual palette window (which I find awfully tedious to arrange and modify so don't use myself).

Holy crap I'm so famous, OR: A comment on Art School

Scroll down to Media Arts and Digital Technology. I can't believe they put half those images there, like the dude knocking down the door I drew specifically outside of school because they wouldn't let me draw mere "illustration" in fine arts.

[And notice how the drawing section is a bunch of sculptures - that's fine art for ya: any kind of "mark making" be it on paper or not is considered "drawing". Same for the painting award -- that went to someone who appears to have made "installations", which are essentially a sort of sculpture if you want to be small-minded about it.]

Who's laughing now!?

But then again the MADT department was always very good to me, the faculty are a bunch of badasses (I bet they'd love that I describe them like that) in that they encourage students to do whatever they really want to do. Many students have a very difficult time dealing with not being told what to do, especially in the early years of art school. Many drift and talk about how they don't learn anything -- that's 'cause you've got to take some initiative! And the school system up to that point has, in that lovingly oppressive Prussian tradition, only ever prepared students to follow instructions and quietly do as they're told!

Hmm. Moving on.

Free Graphics

There are almost enough of these to be slightly useful. Anyone who wants to use 'em non-commercially, just credit me and link to artscum.net; that's all! I'll make an actual post in the appropriate section about this one of these days.

Ps. The space suit character is now named "Zem"
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