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Back to work...hopefully

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Well, it appears to be difficult to work on my own game when I'm so distracted playing some great games that have come out. Of course, I like Smash Bros and the new Dawn of War expansion. Suprisingly, I also really enjoyed Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I was suprised because I was never a big fan of Final Fantasy VII(I think V and VI are the best), but I ended up playing it whenever I had free time.

Anyway, I really do need to get back to work on my game, which still is without an official name. The next task is to design the main character's move list, which will include:

Basic attack combo
Jump kick(might be able to upgrade to an air combo)
charge attack
Pick up objects(and people) and throw them
Pick up and use swords and other melee weapons
Possibly use certain guns with limited ammo

Of course, I will include the ability to acquire new moves between levels. For instance, a throw that, when the opponent hits the ground, causes a massive explosion. It will all be very exaggerated and cartoonish, which should make it fun to use.
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