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Painting peice for Seventh Sanctum comp

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Over at the website Seventh Sanctum, a great place for all sorts of random generators, they run a competition every now and again which is a lot of fun. Based on the results you get with the generators, you have to draw/animate/bake etc. whatever it is you get. I entered into one ages ago which was a ton of fun, so given that the new comp was based on "Evil and Company", where you draw a monster and his minions, I jumped at the chance. The first generator we had to use was "The Evil Name Generator" and then the minions came from "The Dark Minion Generator". My results were:

-Metalshade The Worm-ridden
-Toad Mass

So based on that, I came up with this piece:

Due to a suggestions it was a little too dark and hard to see, I've cranked up the colors a bit. I think it helps a lot.

old version

I don't think the worms pop out enough, but I was having a bit of trouble trying to make it not look like he wasn't just covered in confetti...so I just left it as it was [smile]. Oh well, I'm still learning [grin]
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I use an old school CRT monitor and the image is so dark for me, I can barely make anything out. I can tell that theres a really large squirrel wearing a crown?

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That's looking pretty good.

A bit silly for King Toad put his throne backing onto a sewer grate though. That's just asking for an assassin's spear through the back.

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Now that I have had the opportunity to see this on a better display it does look pretty good. I dont know how I got a squirrel out of that though... I like the style too!

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I think the legs could use a bit more definition - they seem a little "flat"

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Agreed totally. The legs were looking ok until I put the armor on them which covered up the knees, making the legs look like they meld right into his belly. I tried fixing it over and over, but I couldn't figure out how (which got worse the more I painted it and ended up looking even more 2D). It was the main reason I tried to cover up as much as I could with water! The curse of being 'teh noob' I guess ^_^

@Besome Games: Heh, you should have seen the version I had before this one (which I quickly changed just before I uploaded). It looked fine for me, then I switched to gamedev where I use the black theme...and Gdnet looked grey, I'm not kidding. My eyes adjusted and when I went back to the picture I could barely make anything out [grin].

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Very nice. Keep it up. The more you do it the better you'll get. I've had a look at your yootube vids. The man sitting was an interesting process to watch.

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Woha, very cool... Lots of interesting things that keep you watching I like it!

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