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Focus man, focus!

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So our circle (pentagon?) of friends has Rockband night on Wed. and 80s Movie Night on Thursday. So that's taking away some time. Mondays I have guitar lessons AND piano lessons (yes, I picked the piano back up too). In addition, I've been going to more and more concerts. The last one this past weekend ended with us getting stuck in a garage full of armed police looking for a suspect that had just shot someone on the 3rd floor of the parking garage. I missed some of the action as I walked out of the garage and a cop with his gun drawn told me not to go back in. Don't have to tell me twice. My friend and I found some guys that were hanging out in a friend's friend's apartment that was in Europe. We hung out there and listened to random stories until our friends (and ride home) were allowed to leave the parking garage. Tell me my life isn't random.

Picked up Army of Two and Tetris Evolutions for me and my girl to play this weekend. Still haven't completed all achievements for CoD4, downloaded the new Mass Effect DLC, opened F.E.A.R. files, played a single game of Culdcept online, or even finished Crackdown or Gears of War.

Music Software
Got a hold of some really good code to help me finish my application to help me learn to read music faster again. Also figured out what I was doing wrong when trying to get my MIDI keyboard hooked up to the program to test out. Not sure how much I'll get done this weekend since...

Delta Spire
Ok seriously. I went back and re-read my journals and I can't believe how little I have done after 6 months. Reading everything again did remind me of my vision of the game however, and that re-energized me. I'm going thru my code this weekend to refactor everything (again) as it seems to have become a bit bloated and needs some more documentation.

The most important thing right now is to get all of the basic functions to work and then add the rule-specific stuff later. This will allow me to create a user manual with pictures and examples that make sense as well as create some flash tutorial to show how to play. Hopefully this will help convey where I'm going with this thing.

Game Server?
I asked this before but didn't get any responses. Anyone know of a cheap way for me to get my web service onto a web server? Yes, I could google all day long, but I figure at least one of you has some good advice/recommendations on this topic.
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