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I've been hiding something

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Last week, someone posted on the Allegro.CC boards, asking for someone to write an article to be printed in their magazine about Allegro. Paid assignment, of course. Well, lots of people applied for it ... and guess who won. Possibly the guy with 4 or so Pixelate articles, some AGDN tutorials, and a GameDev article under his belt. Yup. Just maybe. Wink, wink.

I did a good 15,000 characters of the article on Thursday for a rough copy and waited for feedback. It took so long I thought the guy either stole it or hated it, but I finally got the word back today (positive overall), and finished the article and accompanying source code just now. It's kind of cool; not only do I get paid for it, but seeing my name in print (I get a free copy in the deal) is going to be something. I wonder if I can buy copies of the mag around here to show my bros, my parents, etc. Probably not, but I gotta try. The money will be nice too. Not that I'm doing it purely for the money (all my other writing was volunteer work), but I could use the cash right now all the same.

I'm not sure it's okay to say I won the deal over everyone else (why wouldn't it be? I dunno; I've never done this before), but I figure I should be saying why updates dried up for the last half week. And no one reads this anyway.

I'll post again when that finally sees print. I'll be hitting Bola and TMS again starting tomorrow. I've begun the conversion of the non-trivial animation, and I've been adding the odd shortcut here and there to make it easier. Done coding for the night, but I should finish converting the foot soldier tomorrow. Nifty.
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I'm still reading.. Fool! :P

Good luck with the article, hope you have no problems with getting a copy of it in print (or the money).

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Yeah, getting stiffed is a slight concern. Only took me two nights (give or take) so no huge loss if he rips me off. Still, I rather hope he doesn't. [smile]

Spent tonight formatting it to his specifications; hence my installing OpenOffice (mentioned elsewhere). Rather glad I did; it's a sweet setup. I'll draw up a game plan for Bola and TMS for tomorrow, then hit the hay.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I read your jornal too. But you don't write them fast enough! ;)

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...What does your name mean? Aren't you like, not 23 anymore? And I know you are NOT 3, because I have a nephew who's 3, and he's not too bright in the upperstory, if you get mah drift.

Anyway, I read this, and everybody is reading your djioaurnyal.

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I'm 28. I just don't feel like harrassing Dave to change my nickname every time I have a birthday.

I go by 23yrold3yrold all over the Internet. It's a nice unique name. [smile]

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