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Our contest entry is complete:


The Pony Princess has been captured by horrible monsters. You are the only horse brave enough to enter their territory alone and face them head on, in an attempt to rescue her.

It's programmed in C++ and uses DirectX. We made everything in 2 weeks. We are planning on making a longer game with this engine so please give us any comments or suggestions you might have.

If you recieve .dll errors try installing the newest version of DirectX. If you are having resolution problems, it is because you have an old graphics controller.

Contest Page

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Recommended Comments

When I tried running it, I only get about 3/4 of the screen. It cuts it off on the right side. Other then that, I like having to use the mouse and the keyboard as opposed to just keyboard controls. Needs alot of polish though. For example. In the first scene where the words come up the character seems to fall through the floor, then resets after the text.

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Yeah, that isn't how its supposed to look at all. If you have an older graphics card the game will be distorded and not work at all. I'm trying to fix it at the moment. It should work with any geforce graphics card in the 6 series or above. Not sure about radion though.

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