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Integrated the rather nice DevIL image loading lib today - I was using some of my old code to load bmps and now I'm starting to need extra stuff like alpha layers (i.e. tga loading)
Speaking of which I made a per-pixel lighting shader for the vehicles and structures too, looks quite a bit nicer than the fixed pipe per-vertex stuff.
The alpha loading gained by DevIL gives me more scope to allow nice effects in the shader like encoding shininess (specular), reflectance etc. into different parts of a texture to be processed by the shader.
I'd take a pic but prtScrn has stopped working recently for some reason so I'll have to install Fraps or something...
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Nope don't think I have an 'F Lock' key. PrtScrn seems to have trouble with shaders (or maybe large screen resolutions). Or maybe it's just one more user-friendly aspect of Vista - perhaps I have to pay a DRM fee to backup my own images now? ;)

Stu: Not heard of FreeImage before, but looking at the license it's GPL, whereas DevIL is LGPL.

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