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Ahhh...early morning

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Well, I finished the electricity in the basement and finished half of the plumbing for the wetbar. Tonight I will finish the plumbing. It is raining all day so I guess I won't get the sheetrock yet.

I read the first chapter in "Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional" last night. I already learned something; I never knew that PHP stood for Personal Home Page.

After I work on the plumbing, I will install Apache and PHP and work on the next chapter or two.
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Just a question, what's a wetbar?

Also, you need to get yourself a pool table for that games room. For sure.

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A wetbar is a bar with a sink (like at a bar or pub).

Unfortunately, I don't have room for a pool table :( with that pillar there.

I plan on having my next house built and will definately be making room for a pool table. At least with this one I will have a foosball table and I can't wait to get the three TV's hooked up to my game systems ;)

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Shame about the space thing, so that square next to the dartboard marker is a pillar? :P

What consoles you gonna have hooked up? For a communal games room you need to have some party games in there. Stuff like GoldenEye on the N64, Virtua Tennis 2 and Chu Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast. Any version of Mario Kart ever. Stuff like that.

Can you tell it's been a while since I last played with a console :)

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Yep, thats the pillar.

I was planning on this:

TV 1: 8bit NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, PS II

TV 2: Sega, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS I, Xbox, Xbox 2

TV 3: Atari 2600, Jaguar, M.A.M.E., PS III

I plan on making a M.A.M.E. console with Playstation controllers.

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Sounds like a sweet setup. You got all of them or will you have to scavenge ebay :P

I like the idea of a MAME, would be hard to make though I shouldn't wonder.

I think that games room is gonna be top dollar by the time you're done.

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I have most of them, unfortunately, the older ones I sold to have enough to buy some of the newer ones. I need SNES, Atari 2600, and not sure if Saturn or Jaguar are worth it.

The M.A.M.E. console won't be too hard to make, just not sure how all the games will play with a controller vs a joystick (But that is what the Arcade will be for).

Another $5,000 and the room will be complete :)

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For the MAME couldn't you use a PC/Mac with USB converters for the PS2 controllers? You can find USB converters on the net. Or is that what you're doing?

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Yes, I suppose I could try that, but I have an extra IPAC from http://www.ultimarc.com (basically a keyboard encoder). I plan on taking a 6' extension cable for a PS controller and cutting off the end that goes to a PS. I will then wire it to the IPAC and then just hook a PS controller to it. Fairly simple, just need to figure out which wires go to which control.

Not sure if the converter would work or not.

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OK, just looked into the converters and found this one:


it says on the site that it works with MAME. Good call, I will give it a try. (wonder if I can do a four player Gauntlet with these)


Just bought this one and this one

I can either hook up to four PS 2 controllers or up to four Xbox controllers or a combination of either. It also says I can play as many as the game supports :)

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