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I don't know if I should even be posting this. . .

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Well, we'll see. You see, I'm worried about posting this because I'm certain to get several responses from folks who've got Serif Web Wizard or somesuch other "make a webpage in one easy step" software who suddenly fancy themselves to be webpage designers.

I need a webpage designer. As you can see, the Code Zone Website is pretty horribly crusty. It needs a new look in a powerful way. I plan to add a couple of new sections (namely a section for online games and a shopping cart where folks can buy my games online). I originally handed off the project to the guy who revamped the civilgrrl website, but I didn't get anything more than a splash bitmap from him. I later tried to hand the project off to one of gamedev's webmasters, but he appears to have flaked.

So anyway, I'm looking for a web/graphics design person who can do some updated stuff for the Code Zone website. I really don't need much help with the structure and HTML of the page, as I'm pretty seasoned with that part. I more need help with the graphics. I've got a test-site that I posted here sometime back if you want to get an idea of the structure. The buttons at the top are the main sections I want. Some sections will have sub-sections, like the "games you can play online" section will bring up 3 or 4 very large graphical buttons in the main frame, each taking you to a game you can play online (also in the main frame). The upper menu, like the side-menu in the old Code Zone site, is omnipresent. I like omnipresent menus, as they make it easy to hop around.

And, as you can see from the test-site, I need a bit of help in the graphics department. They're cute, but they're not setting anyone on fire.

The layout's gonna be very simple as you can see, but I just need somebody with some graphical skills and who can fit those skills to the "vision" that I've never been able to fully capture for the site (garish 50's sci-fi silliness to sell cheapo games).

If you're interested, show me a sample of your web-work. You get extra points if you can present me with your own "vision" for my site rather than just some URL's of websites you've already done. Experience with vector art (Illustrator, Expression) is preferred over bitmap art, as I intend to do as much of the site in Flash as I can. Bitmaps are okay, but vector will help with Flash, and I want the site to be low-bandwidth to accomodate people with modest computer hardware (i.e. the target market for my games).

And yes the job does pay.
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