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Stephen R


Apart from school, today was pretty interesting. I showed my current progress on the demo to the artist because I wasn't too happy with how the cement textures he had given me were working out. He liked the way they looked but agreed that they seemed a bit flat and repetitive. When we put the glistening footsteps ontop of the cement that should break the tedium a bit. And just incase that doesn't work we're going to to put a bit of bump mapping onto the cement. [grin] I can see bump mapping being a bit of a cure-all, but I don't mind.

I got the text effect finished aswell. Its all coded in and rearing to go. A few settings will have to be changed later, and a bit of aesthetic tweaking to the fading effect but its all there. The text is going to be used for the credits which are going to roll at the beginning of the demo, because we don't want to break the effect we have planned for the final scenes.

I've also fallen totally in love with my scripting system. Its not that powerfull, as the scripts are totoally linear, but its reat being able to define the events in this one file and have the rest of app fall into line. One of the first things I'm going to do when I get back down to work on Kernel Chaos is to wipe the slate clean and plan everything over, with all my new knowledge brought to bear upon the design. Over the last while I've completely forgotten what I have done already in Kernel Chaos so there can't be too much done.

I also got the theme for my forums finished. It isn't that complicated and still resembles the original theme slightly but it fits in and thats all I wanted. I'm quite proud of my site now.

Stargate the movie is on TV tonight (BBC1 for those who get it) so I'm going to watch that tonight while reading more of Graphics Programming Methods. Some of it is very complicated by my standards, but I should be able to learn alot from it.
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