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Cross-platform development

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I had a little chat with Kevin Floyer-Lea, Rebellion's Head of Programming, a day or so ago. (I hope I spelt his name right).

I mentioned my intention to make a little XBox game on the side, which he thought was certainly a worthy use of my time - though he thought I might be better off doing it for PC. If I did that and it was good, the firm might be able to release it free on the web or something - extra good if it uses Rebellion's own engine (so, something of a tech demo). Can't do that with an XBox game.

So I'm pondering - platforms and engine - and the game I want to make. The idea I'm running with at the moment is a Dragon simulator. Simply put, you get to be a dragon, fly around, burn things, eat people, hoard gold, dispatch Knights of the Realm, etc... kinda like GTA, but with a flamethrower.

I'm also pondering that I should do it cross-platform, developing for XBox and PC at the same time. That ought to be fun, if a little mindscrewing because the XBox uses DX8.1 and on PC I'd be using DX9.0c. But I think it's achievable.
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