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The search for a DAL

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You would figure a DAL (Data Access Layer) generation tool would be simple to find, for .NET 2008, but it's not ... I have found many code for manually creating a DAL, it's not that hard at all, only time consuming for even the slightest change.

So I'm off searching for a DAL generator ...

... Came across the vaporware known as CodeSmith / NetTiers. One of the problems with this product is that .. it haven't been supported (reality) in years. Lack of (usable) documentation, with existing docs outdated by quiet a few major versions ... yet they are still selling it to unsuspecting customers ... shame shame ... It looks like they are going the way Adobe did with Capture Server. Sell expensive licenses, then tell the customer, sorry, we no longer support this product ...

There is the NHibernate, but as all programmers know, XML = HUGE performance problems at runtime. I know .NET makes massive use of XML, which is a major shame, but oh well. I am looking for code, not sloppy XML .. ;)

As it stands, there are not many DAL generators for C#/.Net 2008. Most of the ones out there are either, vaporware, discontinued, incomplete, or all the above. Ouch!

Back to manually creating this layer #$%^&%#@$.
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