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Haven't done much...

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yesterday evening. I was just so tired. I've added some new access function to my CEntityManager and tested them out. Since I said that I implement some kind of database equivalent, here's a list of commands I "simulate" :

SELECT * FROM entities;
SELECT * FROM entities WHERE param = value;
SELECT * FROM entities WHERE param = value AND param = value AND ...;

and the special WITH :

SELECT * FROM entities WITH param;
SELECT * FROM entities WITH param AND param AND ...;

This is a quite flat layer but it should be enough for 95% of the cases you need. I've implemented that a parameter can contain a parameter list (similar to having a table within a table). If you would want to access the table, you first select the entity with that table and then do a FindParam onto the parameter :

AR::TDynArray apEntities = oManager.GetEntitiesWith( "possibletargets" );

for ( ulong u=0; u{
CEntity *pEntity = apEntities;
CParam *pParam;
CParameterList *pParamList = pEntity->GetParamList();
if ( pParamList->FindParameter( "possibletargets", &pParam ) )
// pParam now contains the "possibletargets" parameter/table.
CParameterList *pList = pParam->GetParamList();

// Find a parameter in the second param list (table in table).

I think I'll pass the CParameterList to the CParameterized interface because this would make the code a little bit easier to read/write.

My wife is using the newly acquired video cutting hardware and she's already set up a complete film. She wants to change some of the backgrounds in the in-between titles so I had to take a look at how she possibly could manipulate them. Now, I have to buy some DVD+R discs so she can burn the film onto DVD.

Since this is one of the first times we do such a thing, I decided to test the new DVD player I've bought last week. This was necessary because my 4 year old DVD player wasn't able to read self burned CDs or DVDs. So yesterday evening I took a sequence of the film and burned it as a VCD (video CD). That was quite easy and the new player took the VCD without a hickup. I think (almost) everything is ready for our first home made DVD.
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