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Tony Stark..

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... Is the man , most definintely. I am sure that the coders in the audience noticed the source that that was featured in a couple of scenes. From the little bit that I saw , it looked to be C , in a style not unlike my own... I confess , I am Tony Stark *hehe*. Also , I thought it was Tony Starks... GREAT movie! In fact , I am hard pressed to name a better comic-to-movie movie. Wow! And next we have Indiana Jones , The Hulk and the one I am looking most forward to : The Dark Night.

Anyway , didn't do much code this week. Fiddled around with some dot-product code trying to get the homing laser's bitmap to track and rotate towards a moving target. I might just leave it half complete for now , and move on the next weapons renderer....
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The only major gripe I have with the Batman movies, that was brought to light by a friend of mine who's a comic book buff, is that there's absolutely no detective work. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a brilliant detective, not just a playboy millionare. But, hopefully Dark Knight will rectify this - tho I don't see how based on the trailers.

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Wow. I never new Bruce was supposed to be a detective... I guess that something from the comics , cause the cartoons and movies always have him as being just a playboy-type. Yeah , the new film *definitely* doesn't look to be going that route; Just pure vigilantte madness.

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The cartoons always showed Wayne doing research and reconnaissance work. Hence the large computers in the bat cave and various patrols on roof tops and in dark alleys. When you have villains that are announcing themselves to the world and what there plans are for world domination, it kind of reduces the over head involved in figuring out a mystery. Plus, I don't think research translate to very interesting screen time.

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