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Gettin' over the hump

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I finished the plumbing last night and now I just need to clear out the basement and then I can put up the sheetrock :-)

Programming: I finished all the general tutorials at cprogramming.com this morning.

Last night I installed Apache2 and PHP5 on my laptop (winXP Pro). I created a sample php page and tried to test it in localhost with no luck. I have no idea where to store my files to test them out. I tried to place them in wwwroot folder, but that didn't work.

Anyone know where I am supposed to store web files to test them on the server?

Edit: Apparantly, I have them in the right place C:/Apache2/Apache2/htdocs/

There must be a problem with php then???
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Woot! I got it to work, just needed to change a couple of config files and restart the computer :)

Now I am ready to rock :-)

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