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Entry #2: The Great Outdoors

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    You know you're stressed, when you're sleeping in class, dreaming of your computer crashing yet again.

The Great Outdoors. A vast realm, unexplored by the sterotypical programmer. One can only peer through the majectic portal that connects the two worlds - our only glimpse of the other side.

What lies beyond that unimaginable step is beyond our imagination - but those who do are never to return after stepping through the looking glass. Perhaps the wild devours them. Perhaps they are enticed by its intrigue, its luring charms. Perhaps, upon leaving their keep of circuitry and wiring, they fade away into nothingness, disconnected from the very thing maintaining their very essence, their very sanity. But you'll never know what lies beyond the looking glass, until you too take that first step into the portal of the unknown.

The moral of the story is: take a break. Go outside. Live in the world we, as programmers, try so hard to emulate. Have a passion other than programming.

...because, hey, I need a job.
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