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Boredom generates miscelleanous behaviour...

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Boredom is something you have to manage carefully in game development... it has a nasty habit of generating extremely distracting off-shoot ideas that are not central to your core business direction...

Here is one such "distraction" - I have long thought it would be a good idea to centralise "casual" resources / workers under the game development umbrella. Finding good workers can be hard at best, finding them in a hurry is nigh on impossible, and finding good workers quickly and for a tight budget... well - give up now!

So I got to thinking how to bring workers together with people / developers with work to do, in an ad-hoc, casual environment... and "the Hub" was born. Now, this isn't exactly "radical" - there are plenty of other job networking sites around, www.freelancers.org, etc. But, of course, mine is different... my idea is to concentrate on game development ONLY, and to share resources/information and experience for the benefit of all!

Of course, the primary danger is ending up with tens of thousands of "wannabe" contributors that aren't really any good, but I'll figure something out :)

For now, I'd invite anyone and everyone who might be interested in such a venture, to answer my very short market research survey...


... and thanks in advance if you decide to participate ;)
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"Given your answer to the previous question, how much would you be expect to pay to receive such a service?"

what? I have no idea what this means, especially given the previous question is very similar.

Cool idea though - good luck with it.

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Thanks for the feedback :)

Hmm, well - the context / flow of the questions should mean that you've already answered this q ;

"If you were to work through a job network website, and a dispute arose between you and the other party (either as a resource to provider, or provider to resource) what level of involvement would you expect from the job network host itself?"

So then the "how much would you pay to receive this service" means - if you expected the Hub to provide "Legal involvement" - would you expect to pay nothing, or pay an amount in some form in order to use the job network in the first place?

Perhaps it is a bit wooly... bascially, I'm trying to find out what level of service people would expect, and how much they may or may not be prepared to pay to receive it.

I can't alter the survey now it's active - one of the limitations of LimeSurvey sadly - but I'll try and avoid such a "grey" question next time ;)

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