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I was lazy yesterday and in bed early. I don't know why but I feel quite tired the last days.

Tomorrow is my birthday. 31 years... Gonna have a birthday party on saturday and yesterday evening my wife asked me : "What are we doing with the 12 people who are coming ?" Well... I'm a quite simple guy so I thought we would just have a BBQ and have a nice chat listening to music, talking about our jobs, the games we play and what are our plans for the future... If things start to work out badly, I'll have some choices such as lasergame, karting and bowling. But that's all quite costy.

Had an idea for an abstract strategy game but hit the problem that it would either be only 2 players or I'll have to think of an totally other way to link the units with the player.
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Happy advanced birthday.

I went to a theme park on mine a few days gone, it ended up depressing me because they had a zoo with animals that looked less than happy to be there. I would have preferred a BBQ (or at least the weather to have one) or Bowling/LaserQuest any time.

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