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Mirage.NET is my VB.net 2008 port of Mirage Online, who's source code is released under the Creative Commons license. The Mirage Core website, which is the only official community site for Mirage products and services (http://www.miragecore.com), will have forums and categories for Mirage.NET.

As many have known, I released an old version of the VB6 source code under http://www.miragesource.com/ which is now ran and owned by William. However, since Microsoft dropped support for VB6 a very long time ago, ... you know where this is going.

Therefore, I am working and releasing piece-meal fashion a direct VB.net port (of a different version then MS). Since VB.net is officially supported by Microsoft, and most of the Mirage community are VB6ers, this should work out fine.

This is meant to be a pretty direct port from the VB6 versions. Meaning, that the programming style will most likely not make much use of the .NET advantages, we will see.

Besides those who usually use a .NET managed language, will use C# anyways :) This is meant to be the next step in moving programmers from an old version of VB to the newest.

Since there are only two Mirage products and services, basically Mirage Online, and now, Mirage.NET, the support and community is at the official community site: http://www.miragecore.com .

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