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Well I decided to post a screenshot of my terrain engine for my RTS game I quit working on for now.


I have since taken some of the renderer from that and applied it to my new game idea that involves driving a hummer around and collecting coins and powerups, ect... I am close to having a simple level one demo done. Hope to have it up in a month or so, barring no gotchas.

Here is a basic screenshot, no shadows other other fancy effects yet, this time around I wanted to get the basics working, movements, physics, since I have the shadow code done, just need to dump that back in along with some water...


Love the PhysX and OpenGL APIs. Bring on GL3.0! And all of those cry babies wanting GL3.0 out now or I am leaving for Dx10 be gone. If you have an GF8 card you have access to all the features of DX10 right now, even on WinXP. Yeah a new API model would be nice to work with, but for now I am content. And really how many people are making games here, and selling them, let alone targeting DX10 when everyone complains that DX10 user base isn't large enough yet. Facts are Apple is now taking 66% of the PC sales that are over $1k, and gaining market share. This is good news as this expands the OpenGL user base. As does PS3 users.
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