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*sigh* and *sigh*

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No takers on the web-job. Either I'm being too picky, or I've got no interested readers.

Oh well.

I've probably written it somewhere, but I'll write it again. It is impossible to write a client game and the base class library (or is that called an "engine" nowadays) at the same time. I've seen this technique attempted several times now, all as a result of bad planning. They've always stretched the project's schedule unnecessarily.

Again, oh well.

As you can see, I need motivation. Somebody tell me something nice.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


It appears that you have been stricken by ennui.

Or is it:

It appears that you have been struck by ennui.

Goofy english language.

I'm with you, man. An "engine" has its own particular set of requirements, and a game has its own particular set of requirements. They are two (count them) two projects. And you can't even develop them in parallel, which would almost make it okay.

This is never to say, of course, that code reuse it a bad thing. When I did Cowhead, I borrowed quite a bit from Honeycomb, and when I did ChemHex, I borrowed heavily from Cowhead. The good ol' HexDirection and HexWalker classes are pretty handy if you happen to be making a hexagonal game, and they are both based on stuff from the Iso book.

Could be worse... you might have wound up employed as a human guinea pig, testing pharmaceuticals during the phase right after they finish with animal testing. Sure, it pays well, but it's rough.

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