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Just got a book in the mail "Real-Time Rendering Second Edition" and skimmed through a ton of stuff until I reached pipeline optimizations. I read through this thoroughly and figured since I was overhauling the way the cpu feeds the gpu geometry I would use analysis, optimization and performance tips I learned from the book.

Here I have over 180,000 polygons rendering at 80+ FPS in the IDE using the D3DUSAGE_WRITEONLY flag and triangle lists. There is clearly a bottleneck in the geometry stage and I expect to boost performance with index buffers. I'm hoping that using multiple textures (thus multiple batches) and index buffers together will keep the FPS around what it is now.

I might be able to get additional performance from normal approximation and hardware manufacturer specific optimizations should I research them later. There's massive headroom in the application stage.

I wrote a benchmark function that benchmarks the speed of other functions. This made me realize that as my face pool got larger, searching the pool for a free index took exponentially longer. An optimization was made here where instead of searching through the pool for a free index, the pool is expanded and a new face is added to the end every time. This made certain functions increase in speed by over 200 seconds for the tradeoff of some wasted memory. An even better approach would be to make a new list for every empty spot in the face pool (empty spots would be recorded when a face is deleted). Adding a new face would simply take the first element from the new list and the new list would be downsized by 1 element.

Everything is being tested in the map editor of my engine on System A. "Real Time Rendering Second Edition" outdoes every high rating book in my collection two-fold.
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