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Entry #3: Mr C++

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  • Random observation of the day!
    Windows and IE really do crash a lot, don't they? (And they're evil, but oh well?) And firefox is so ugly... maybe I'll switch to a Mac and buy all 4 games for it...well, they'd be too hard to find. and Unix? Don't get me started about Unix. It's like Communism Lite. So I guess the only way to go is Solaris... Dual processor support all the way, man! Now I can have 2 x86's running, baby!

I use VB6. And, I get made fun for using VB6, primarily on #Gamedev...

: Well, I use VB6
: Yeah, VB sux.
: I'm going to .k you for using VB
: VB doesn't sux - VB6 sux

and so forth.

So I've taken it upon myself to return the favor; I shall become...
Mr. C++

// Mr C++ enters the room
// Mr C++ looks around, and sits at his desk

"Boy! I love my std!"

// people eye Mr C++ strangely

"Yes! My std makes my life easier! It allows me to code faster, and the best thing is, you'll never find a bug in there!"

// people start to edge away...

"And I have complete access over my memory! I can do as I please: create, erase, anything! Its like having super powers!"

"Gosh! Having my std is great - it broadens my outlook on life and opens up so many possibilites for me..."

"You all should use C++ so you too can have your very own std!2"

Okay, that done, I'd like to apologize to everyone I've offended with this entry. I admit that C++ is much more powerful, and allows one to do so much more. But you know? I've had enough VB bashing for one day... so this is my little revenge! [lol]

Anyway, I'm open to flames and/or rating drops, because I can feel them coming after this journal (which, ironically isn't even online yet - I can't get into Gamedev right now!.. damn Karma..). And yes, one day I too will learn a C language. It's not if, but when at this point - I'm starting to approach the borders of VB6. Dammit! I want multithreading... boohoo [bawling].

Okay - see you all tommorrow!

...lets see if that got some more people to read my journal... mwahahaha

1This is only a hypothetical situation!
2In case you haven't gotten the pun, I'm using STD as "Sexually Transmitted Disease"
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Yes, VB6 sucks! As a matter of fact, you suck for using VB6 [grin]


Alright, just kidding. Why do you use VB anyways?

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