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Not quite so simple after all

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Stephen R


Well I've just finished writing my bump mapping trial app. I used the simple dot3 technique because it was all that was needed for the cement in this scene. It was fairly easy to setup and it works fine. While I was reading the directx documentation when I was looking for the correct texture stage states I came across reems of more advanced bump mapping settings.

I loaded up my d3d9b sdk samples, which I find much more interesting than the d3dc samples. There are loads of examples on using bump mapping for things like rippling water effects and distorting the screen. I flicked through the code and saw all kinds of arrangements of texture states, most of which I had never even heard of. Once I get the dot3 bump mapping applied to the cement in the demo I'm going to read up on all these techniques. I don't want to use anything from those samples without fully understanding whats going on in every call. Once I have those effect down I can start on adding the glistening footsteps to the demo, as the look I want will probably be achieved best through bump mapping.

If I'm lucky I might get this demo done before the new year. There's alot of work but if I just keep at it I imagine I could do it. The main thing is that allmost everything I'm doing I'm doing for the first time. That makes it really interesting but time consuming. My artist suggested that I get back to work on Kernel Chaos once this is over and I fully intend to. I have to get back to work on the design doc sometime but not before at least the first scene of the demo is finished. I'm now going off to port the bump mapping to the demo.
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