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Hey kids...

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...I guess I can say "kids" now, since I'm almost 30. >< Life sure gets depressing sometimes.

I've finished most of the artwork for the third "world", the egyptian Underworld, and I've also been working on new levels. Click here for a vid of a new level in the Underworld.

Right now I have 13 levels, I want at least 30. Making a level is fast once I get an idea, the problem is getting it. :)
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Very pretty.

Is there any particular reason hitting the green boxes when you aren't green creates more of them? I don't recall seeing that in your other videos - and it appears that the level would work fine without that feature.

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Oh right, it's something that starts in the third world. If you notice the green blocks have a spiral mark on each. That means they'll grow a new block if you hit them while the Bennu has the wrong color. It's important for the level because you have to travel back and forth while avoiding getting crushed by the green blocks into the ceiling. :)

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