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I was going to post last night, but the site was down. At least I know people are still coming here when I get PM's telling to update my journal or else, or warning me I'm too far down the page.

I spent Tuesday night formatting my article. The editor wanted it tagged in a very specific manner using OpenOffice. Which suggested to me that maybe I should download it first, and it ain't half bad. If I'd have known what this was like sooner, I would have long since installed it by now. Nice setup.

Last night ... I think I was lazy. Minor Bola coding and that was it. Tonight I did that bit about converting a non-trivial animation to the Bola format, and that went well. A minor hitch here and there has prompted me to continually tweak the functionality and add the odd shortcut here and there. So Bola keeps getting better, and now I have a little green guy running around in my game who can hit and gets hit, running off a Bola file in my animation datafile.

I'm going to add a few more little helper details to Bola, then start on converting the player animation. Once that's done, I can finally get back to adding new content to the animation, without the headache of messing with text files. So far it's running beautifully. I still have no idea if anyone but me could ever get any use out of it, but who cares. It's doing me well.

I'm going to try and get a fair bit done today and tomorrow; the weekend will be busy. Not only will I be hitting church an extra third time this weekend for a meeting, I might have another meeting regarding that top secret job I mentioned earlier. But Bola's rockin' and TMS is starting to be affected by that, so it will be back to actual game production (gasp!) presently. About bloody time ...
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