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Transparent textures and stuff

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I managed to isolate the functions I need to use in my engine thanks to working with examples that came with devkitPro. I worked a bit more with bitmaps today and figured out how to display alpha-channeled textures correctly:

For some weird reason the colours of textures on DS seem to be bland (compare my previous picture with my avatar to see what I mean). I don't know yet if this is fault of the emulator - I'll have to make a test run on normal DS, or of my code. Will look into that closer today.

On unrelated note, yesterday I've been to a punk party in a middle of a city, with people living in really old school trailers (think gypsy wagon in circus). It felt like separate society from the city itself, surrounded by small forest and old, unfinished building sites. One thing though didn't escape my notice: from all those people, wearing 'fuck the order', and 'anarchy rules!' tattered shirts, about 1/3rd had digital camcorders. And I noticed a freakin Maserati standing in front of the entry to the trailer park. Guess they fuck the society and order only half time.
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